Keeping this new-age motto as a goal to reach, this set of enterprising seniors went on to make a reality of their vision. Some of the noble-hearted senior members of the community- Shri. Amarlal Radhakishindas Sachdev, Shri. Bhagwandas Gopaldas Lund. Shri. Bhagwandas Gobindram Rajani, Shri. Hariram Chatrumal Samant, Shri. Muralidhar Lalchand Lund, Shri. Naraindas Tickamdas Rajani, Shri. Ramchand Radhakishindas Hinduja, Shri. Radhakishan Purshotamdas Wadhwa, Shri. Vashumal Shivnaraindas Raheja decided to start an educational institution, providing quality and affordable education to all strata of society irrespective of caste, creed and status.

Vision, Mission and Motto

Knowledge and punctuality for a bright and harmonious life. To provide child centered education system, with a focus on all round development of each child. To ensure that successful, enthusiastic and inspirational teaching curriculum is important to every Sindhians . To provide a healthy and balanced support system with clear moral foundations for all ages. Enable, encourage and endow each child to initiate a life –long pursuit of learning, discovery, innovation, exploration and expression.

Facilities at Sindhi International